What I do

Everything I write is a result of my personal impressions and opinions. Every post includes a reproduction with a short critical article; I try to construct a story for each piece. In an endeavor to reach a broad generalized conclusion, I point out the main elements, discuss composition, color, linear and rhythmic movement, balance, general atmosphere, and so on and so forth — anything and everything that makes a painting remarkable.

What I don’t do

I am not a professional critic. I don’t do systematic research and I don’t oblige myself to quote though sometimes I will.

Some important elements, brushwork in particular, are very difficult to examine via the Internet. Though there are great reproductions out there, nothing can compare to looking at a painting live in a museum or a gallery. Colors are also prone to distortion. These technical limitations can undermine some of the words written here. If you are looking for complete, all-round critical assessments, I would strongly recommend going to a museum and consulting with known authors and books.

My goals

My main goals are: to learn to appreciate art, to grow as a critic and as a writer, and to acquire new knowledge. Writing about art often becomes a discovery process for me, and I am happy to be able to share it. I hope to take part in interesting discussions and conversations, so don’t hesitate using that “leave a comment” option.

Some last words

I hope you enjoy browsing this website as much as I enjoy writing for it.

Thank you for visiting,

Elijah Shifrin