Feb 202008
I-Ming: Comics and Illustrations

Lets take a look at some of Ming’s black and white illustrations and comic strips. That’s where his humor and feather light touch (the side that I have not given due attention in previous posts) find a space to breathe and attest the artist’s funny bone, which may have receded in the larger pieces. These […]

Feb 182008
I-Ming: Impressionist Paintings

Ming has demonstrated a keen eye for impressionism in his interpretation of such great masters as Monet and Cezanne. Although his variety is somewhat darker, “messier” than the originals, compressing homage with seeds of disruption — a development one would expect from a contemporary artist — the confident handling of the painterly vocabulary of the […]

Feb 162008
I-Ming: Dragons

Ming is a Malaysian (of Chinese origin) artist and prominent art blogger, whose work you may find on 30dayartist and his art blog. His interests cover many fields of the visual arts, painting, illustration and comics to name just a few. To my mind, similarly to many artists who are and were actively involved in […]