Mar 202008
M Collier

M Collier is an American artist based in California, who paints mostly still life. Browsing M’s blog is not unlike doing detective work: one witnesses how during the course of almost two years the artist’s style gradually shifts from realism to hyper-realism — without clearly fitting into either of the two, and making some unexpected […]

Mar 182008
Todd Bonita: Cows

Cows are sizable animals, yet in two of these paintings the artist makes them appear small. This contrast characterizes them as helpless, as if a part of a machine controlled by an invisible giant, possibly a tyrant. We realize that the machine is the cattle industry whereas the giant is the man behind it. I […]

Mar 162008
Todd Bonita: The Keys to Desire

Several months ago I reviewed a still life with a key by J Matt Miller — that piece, however, displayed the object against a wall. Todd Bonita places his keys on a background of wood, and, it appears that in such minimalistic scenes that makes all the difference. Impenetrable stone “rejects” the key and marks […]

Mar 102008
Alvin Richard: Still Life with Coca-Cola

Often the message of a commercial advertisement contains a fundamental truth — people wouldn’t be tempted to consume advertised products if it wasn’t so. We may feel uneasy about the intermarriage of commercialism with our lives, with being tagged as “target audience” and so on but then, our lifestyle depends on it. Deprecation of consumerism […]