Feb 272008
Vic Vicini: Classic Cars

Reading about classic Chevrolet cars I learned that there is a consensus about the flamboyant, excessive automobile designs of the late fifties. A 57 Chevy calls for a stylish match in terms of pictorial representation, and Vic aptly offers grotesque viewing angles and close ups that emphasize the magisterial metallic bodies, which have long been […]

Feb 252008
Vic Vicini: Food Paintings

I once bought a carton of unusual eggs. They were chicken’s alright — the anomaly went in a different direction: every other time after breaking an egg, I ended up with two yolks in the pan. I have to admit that I felt a slight pang of regret and otherwise inexplicable emotional response at the […]

Feb 222008
Vic Vicini: Kitchenware

Vic Vicini is an American artist (see more of his work on this website and on this and this blog) who paints primarily still life, with exquisite realistic detail. His subjects include kitchen utensils and appliances, food, florals and cars, among others. Studying his paintings one comes to a realization that the artist harbors a […]