Aug 092008
Don Li-Leger:  Summer Bloom, Spring Chorus

This is where the artist shifts the gears of inspiration from Malevich to Kandinsky: these are much more chaotic, dancing and moving pieces, characteristic of the latter painter. Figurative remnants in the form of flowers and branches suggest that Don Li-Leger wants to create an original synthesis — his own interpretation of Kandinsky’s pure abstract […]

Jul 232008
Don Li-Leger: Karma and Aura

My first reaction to these paintings (Don Li-Leger page indicates his tapestries as most popular) was to notice how the sound of their titles accords with the long, narrow shape. I realize that this is a somewhat irrational response, yet sometimes things — sounds and shapes in this case — just click. It’s as […]

Jul 152008
Don Li-Leger: Iris Nine Patch

By changing the color of just two or three patches, the artist drastically transforms the mood from calm and cool (the print you see below) into hectic, unpredictable and tense (the following print). In a way, this shift encompasses the entire spectrum of the artist’s nine patch series, from the pale and nearly monochromatic bamboo […]