Mar 162008
Todd Bonita: The Keys to Desire

Several months ago I reviewed a still life with a key by J Matt Miller — that piece, however, displayed the object against a wall. Todd Bonita places his keys on a background of wood, and, it appears that in such minimalistic scenes that makes all the difference. Impenetrable stone “rejects” the key and marks […]

Jan 222008
Jeanne Illenye: Serene Spaces

These paintings are all about harmony — so much so that the method with which it is achieved becomes almost irrelevant. I’m thinking that looking at these pieces could hypothetically amount to taking a few valerian drops (if that is your poison), or perhaps sipping a cup of tea while sitting on the depicted chair […]

Nov 172007
Edvard Munch: Madonna

Madonna (the painting hangs in the Munch Museum, in Oslo, Norway) appears in a state of trance or sleep, with scattered hair and exposed breasts and abdomen. She is enveloped in a swirling background that seems to want to draw her in, or backwards, almost like a Maelstrom (a quintessential north-European term Edward Munch must […]