Oct 242007
Jean-Francois Millet: Angelus

Idolized and emulated by Vincent van Gogh, Jean-Francois Millet was a realist who mainly portrayed peasant life,  inspecting it with a compassionate eye, and rendering his humble models as the heroes of their environment. Therein, of course, lies the problem for Millet’s critics: his scenes may often appear too endearing and idealized, bordering on sentimental. […]

Sep 212007
Vincent van Gogh: The Potato Eaters

Sometimes during family reunions, when everybody is at the table eating, a sudden moment of silence intrudes and makes itself almost palpable. Only chewing is heard, and everyone becomes, just for a second, very self-conscious and uncomfortable — until someone talks again, and the strange sensation is gone. Vincent van Gogh’s Potato Eaters, one of […]