May 152008
Robin Neudorfer: Still Life

These grainy art pieces display intense intimacy and impress with elaborate compositions. The lingering effect I tried to describe in the previous review returns, but with a twist: the gray, black and white configuration alludes more to film than to outdoor, direct landscape representation. There are additional features that consolidate this interpretative direction. The scenes […]

Apr 262008
Cindy Revell: Still Life

There is a purely entertaining side to browsing Cindy Revell’s website still life gallery. With each page I discovered new subjects, new variations; different angles and additional unexpected objects would alter and turn over the hierarchy inside the depicted realm. For example, a fruit that crowned a tower of several cups in one painting may […]

Apr 032008
Heather Horton: Still Life

The still life pieces allow to make a more round evaluation of the artist’s style. They are less dramatic; they are calmer. The inherent stillness brings in an air of objectivity and provides a respite from the intensity of human figure. The often unusual viewing angles, which may seem unnerving and disquieting at the first […]

Mar 242008
M Collier: Typewriter and Rotary Phone

Although these obsolete mechanisms were designed for purposes that to some may seem opposing — a conversation with oneself (and the audience) when using the typewriter and a conversation with a different person while talking on a phone — they were both, nevertheless, used as a means of communication. Circles embody that kinship, the geometrical […]