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   1.  Alessandro Andreuccetti
   2.  Alessandro Andreuccetti: Human Angels or Angelic Humans?
   3.  Alessandro Andreuccetti: Tuscany Hills
   4.  Alvin Richard: Florals
   5.  Alvin Richard: Scenes with Children
   6.  Alvin Richard: Still Life with Coca-Cola
   7.  Andrea Kowch: Book Covers — “The Crucible,” “The Sleepy Hollow”
   8.  Andrea Kowch: Landscapes and Outdoor Scenes — A Descent into Memory
   9.  Andrea Kowch: Magical Realism and Real Problems
   10.  Brainstorming Part 1: Order Out of Chaos
   11.  Brent Lynch: Cigar Bar
   12.  Brent Lynch: Evening Lounge
   13.  Caravaggio: Boy Bitten by a Lizard
   14.  Caravaggio: Deposition (The Entombment of Christ)
   15.  Caravaggio: Sacrifice of Isaac
   16.  Caravaggio: The Cardsharps
   17.  Caravaggio: The Fortune Teller
   18.  Casey Klahn: Barns and The Abstract Wizard of Washington
   19.  Casey Klahn: How to Make Your Audience Weep
   20.  Casey Klahn: Trees and Clouds, Transient Monuments
   21.  Cindy Revell: Furniture and Functional Art
   22.  Cindy Revell: Illustrations — Ads and Editorials
   23.  Cindy Revell: Still Life
   24.  Claude Monet: Poppy Fields
   25.  Claude Monet: The Haystacks Series
   26.  Claude Monet: The Poplars Series
   27.  Claude Monet: The Rouen Cathedral Series
   28.  Claude Monet: The Water Lily Ponds Series
   29.  Dawn Lundquist: Birds of Paradise and Angel’s Trumpets
   30.  Dawn Lundquist: Hawaiian Waterfalls
   31.  Dawn Lundquist: Roosters
   32.  Deborah Paris: Dusky Landscapes — Cause and Effect
   33.  Deborah Paris: Marine Scenes — a Splash of Romanticism
   34.  Deborah Paris: Winter Landscapes — Melting Snow
   35.  Don Li-Leger: Summer Bloom, Spring Chorus
   36.  Don Li-Leger: Iris Nine Patch
   37.  Don Li-Leger: Karma and Aura
   38.  Don Li-Leger: Poppy Nine Patch; Poppy and Fern Nine Patch
   39.  Edvard Munch: Girls on the Pier
   40.  Edvard Munch: Madonna
   41.  Edvard Munch: The Dance of Life
   42.  Edvard Munch: The Scream
   43.  Edvard Munch: The Sun
   44.  El Greco: Saint Martin and the Beggar
   45.  El Greco: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
   46.  El Greco: The Disrobing of Christ (El Espolio)
   47.  El Greco: The Holy Family (with Saint Anne)
   48.  El Greco: View of Toledo
   49.  Frank Gardner: Boat Paintings
   50.  Frank Gardner: Mexican Landscapes

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