Aug 162008
Holly Lombardo: Windows

Windows are evocative objects. Without someone visible looking through, they can bring about feelings of loneliness and alienation — and that’s what Holly Lombardo’s windows do for me. They appear lonely, detached and abstracted from the whole of the house, and I reach for the perennial allegory of the individual versus the society to account […]

Jul 192008
Holly Lombardo: Landscapes with Trees

Holly Lombardo is a self-taught American painter and photographer who works in watercolors and acrylics, creating landscapes, still life and suburban scenes. She publishes her artwork on her blog, Painted Paper by Holly, and her photos on another blog, Photo Paper by Holly. Her photographs are interesting not only for themselves: many exhibit compositional features […]

Jul 122008
SINH: Still Life

The surfaces of the still life objects enjoy a subtle and sophisticated rendering, similarly to the flowers. However, while the petals evince a more or less two dimensional representation, the fruits imitate spherical three dimensional forms; the illusion of three dimensionality relies heavily upon light and shade manipulation, only in global rather than local terms. […]